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Sunday, 9 November 2008

File under 'Fabulous': Shelby Lynne's 'Just A Little Lovin''

'Just a Little Lovin'' is Shelby Lynne's tribute to the songs made famous by Dusty Springfield. It's a great album, delicately arranged but carrying a hefty emotional weight inside Shelby Lynne's velvet glove of a voice, echoing Dusty's emotionally fragile interpretations and mediating them through the great, blue-eyed soulful female voice of our time, the only contender for Dusty's seemingly untouchable legacy. 

As has been said elsewhere, why did it never really happen for Shelby Lynne after the unclassifiable masterpiece that was 'I Am Shelby Lynne'? The clue is in that 'unclassifiable' - too hard to pigeonhole maybe - not quite pop, country or soul, too much feeling - of a sometimes painfully bleak sort - to call it easy listening (however easy on the ear it invariably is). This doesn't reach those heights (very little does) but file under 'fabulous' nonetheless.

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  1. Yes indeed, she's very good.
    Worth watching her singing those songs here,