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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Pages Court is hot!

No, bear with me, it really is. The town's best florist (Bonica) and best independent children's shop (Cute) have been joined by a terrific new cafe (monoloco) and FlipFlop, which is hard to describe other than by saying that it walks a precarious path between inspired and nuts in its presentation of extraordinary furniture, lighting, ceramics and the kind of geegaws and wimwams for which 'gifts' is far too small a word. 

Almost no-one knows FlipFlop exists because it thumbs its nose at the very idea of promotion and advertising. Do youself a favour and go hunt it out, stopping on the way out or the way in for breakfast or lunch at monoloco. The breakfast menu includes scrambled duck eggs with a choice of organic local (very smokey) bacon or sausages, or kedgeree, or a fantastic looking full Blighty.Vegetarians get something built around home-baked beans and damned good it looked too. Lunch specials look pretty inspired too. Doesn't (yet) have Djangos' charm (or its exceptional coffee), but it's a nice place and the food, on first encounter, makes it a real contender. . .

Pages Court: it's what shopping malls would be like if they were small and any good. It's the Ram's Walk that it's OK to like. 

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