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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Sha La La La Lee

Switched on the wireless tonight to be amazed anew by the exhilarating chords of The Small Faces' 'Sha La La La Lee' - still a fantastic sound and, in combination with the first lines - 'Picked her up on a Friday night (sha-la-la-la-lee, yeah)' - arguably the greatest opener of any pop record. 

I'd always assumed this was the work of the Small Faces pocket genius Steve Marriott, and was amazed to learn sometime last year that it was actually written by B-division showbiz trooper Kenny Lynch, the scouse Sammy Davis Jr to Brucie and Tarbie's  Frank and Dino. I'd love to hear his version. 


  1. Cor, Kenny Lynch. Takes you back. Billy Cotton Bandshow, isn't it?

  2. Kenny is not B-division, he certainly is not a scouser being born in Stepney and he sang on the record doing all the high bits. He still has a great voice even at the age of 71 ahve a look at his website you might learn something

  3. Fair comment, I was being flippant. It's a fantastic song, so I guess his talent speaks for itself.