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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Petersfield Market

So yes, in amongst all the fancy dan foodstuffs and so forth, it's shaming really that Wikipetersfield been so lax in drawing your attention to the town's twice-weekly market. Regular favourites include Nick's almost-organic stall for your almost-organic fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, eggs and honey, Bryants for as good a range of quality fruit and vegetables as you'll find in any of the supermarkets and, uh, those South African folks who set up camp every Saturday and cook up something delicious for you to try (and buy) - big spicy sausages, marinaded meats, biltong and a selection of other South African produce for all the local Home from the Hill types. Other stuff more hit and miss and irregular, but Jones the butcher draws a loyal queue, a fish stall is occasionally there and there's an ever changing display of clothes, jewellery, ethnic stuff... we recommend it as a regular port of call before you visit the supermarket. Here's the thing though; wouldn't it be great if the market offered really good meat, bread, cheese and delicatessen every Saturday? So that your local market provided a genuine alternative to the supermarkets for virtually all of your fresh produce? And wouldn't this be a great thing for a local council to focus on - providing and encouraging a platform for local farmers and producers and really working to keep the heart in Petersfield? Why should a really great local market be just a monthly thing? It's just a thought....

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